Kristian Stephan-Martin

Host of The Unbound Podcast

Kristian helps people to summon their self-worth, elevate their expression and find more freedom. He works with people to shed the layers, conditioning and expectations which are not their true essence, connecting to their heart’s integrity and living with an air of playfulness and aliveness. He is a coach, speaker, podcast host and crazed Latin dancer. Kristian does this work because he wants people to experience deep inner fulfilment AND the financial freedom to travel, play, explore, and taste the playground of the world; not just one or the other.

In The Unbound Podcast he seeks out guests who have exactly the above; both deep fulfilling inspiration and the ability to use their mind instead of be used by it AND lifestyle freedom. "I have no interest in sitting under an apple tree claiming enlightenment yet unable to pay my rent or put money into the things I love. Likewise, I have no interest in having tonnes of cash but no inner connection and fulfilment. I want both worlds. To be deeply connected to myself, my heart and what inspires me, AND to have lifestyle freedom where I have the choice to say yes to anything I want because my time and financial situation allows it. I want to experience all that the earth has to offer. It's a giant playground to me."

Kristian Stephan-Martin has hosted nine Episodes.